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Repairing your smile with maximum comfort

Should the need arise, About Smiles in Austin provides a number oral surgery services to restore your dental health. We also offer a variety of sedation dentistry services to help you experience a relaxed state during both routine and surgical procedures.

Oral Surgery: Covering a wide range of procedures

From tooth extractions to root canals, sometimes oral surgery is necessary to repair a problem and keep you healthy. The About Smiles staff is skilled and experienced in a wide range of dental procedures. You can rest easy knowing you’ll receive the very best care from our dental professionals. We use advanced techniques and technology to complete your procedure with precision, efficiency and minimal discomfort.

  • We cover a large scope of services for all your oral surgery needs
  • Services include tooth extractions, root canals, dental implants and more
  • Dr. Hoover has years of experience performing successful surgical procedures

Sedation Dentistry: Keeping you calm and comfortable

For many people, dental procedures invoke worry and anxiety. Sometimes this even prevents individuals from getting the treatment they need. About Smiles in Austin offers sedation dentistry services to calm and relax patients prior to a procedure. We provide various forms of sedation to increase your comfort while you receive treatment.

  • Helps patients manage pain and anxiety during professional dental care
  • Sedation methods include nitrous oxide, oral sedation and IV sedation
  • Our experts ensure your comfort and safety throughout your treatment

Bone Grafts: Rebuilding bone for added strength

A bone graft is a procedure to replace bone in the area of a missing tooth. This is sometimes necessary before individuals receive dental implants, which need to attach to a strong bone. About Smiles provides bone grafts so dental implants can be applied for maximum stability. Our goal is to give you the best dental treatment possible.

  • Restores bone to its previous form following tooth loss, gum disease or trauma
  • Strengthens the bone in areas where dental implants will be placed
  • Enables us to provide you the most effective dental implant treatment

Dental Implants: Providing a long-lasting solution

Something as small as a missing tooth can affect how you feel about yourself. About Smiles offers dental implants as a lasting solution. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that a crown attaches to, providing you a tooth that looks and feels natural. Dental implants can offer a replacement alternative to bridges, dentures and partials.

  • Dental implants are very durable and will last many years
  • Implants are created using titanium screws that act as the tooth root
  • May be ideal for individuals seeking an alternative to partial dentures

Wisdom Teeth: Extracting before problems arise

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth that appear in your mouth. Problem is: most people don’t have room for them. When wisdom teeth come in they can cause discomfort and dental problems. About Smiles provides wisdom teeth extraction to prevent problems from developing. We also work to make the procedure convenient and comfortable.

  • Prevents problems such as impacting, crowding or infections
  • Extracting at a young age makes for easier extraction and quicker recovery
  • Typically performed in office in approximately one hour

Growth Factor Healing: Speeding up your recovery

Did you know technology from your body can help you heal after dental surgery? A growth factor is a protein in your blood capable of stimulating cellular growth. At About Smiles in Austin, we can use your growth factors to speed up the healing process after bone grafting or dental implants. This natural substance provides a number of benefits:

  • Reduces bleeding, swelling and pain after surgery
  • Absorbs quickly and creates new gum/bone tissue
  • Helps grafts/implants heal quicker with fewer complications

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