• Natural Ways of Teeth Whitening That Work

    on Mar 11th, 2017

Who doesn’t like beautiful and white colored teeth in today’s world? Especially for all those who have yellow or discolored teeth, there are many teeth whitening tricks that actually work wonders.

Natural ways are one of the best ways to treat the teeth as they pose no threat or side effects. Because teeth are the first impression that you leave on anybody, it is essential that you keep your teeth sparkling white. Here are top natural ways that contribute in teeth whitening without any side effects:

Brush twice a day

Doctors say that brushing your teeth twice a day is most ideal; once in the morning and once before sleeping at night. Regular brushing and flossing your teeth is the primary step to a healthy teeth and gum.

Try Baking soda and Hydrogen Peroxide

This is one of the most effective natural teeth whiteners. Many people have tried this method and are happy with the results. Make a paste of both these components and brush like the normal way. Remember to make it a runnier paste and not a stiff one. Hydrogen peroxide is an anti-bacterial agent and therefore works best for keeping the mouth free of germs and is a wonderful gum cleaner.


Mix some charcoal with your regular toothpaste and brush at least twice a day with it. Charcoal is known to have powerful cleaning crystals that instantly whiten your teeth in the natural way.

Apple cider vinegar removes stubborn stains

Especially if you are a regular coffee and a tea drinker, you would understand how stubborn some stains are. These can be removed by the use of apple cider vinegar. None of the home remedies is a quick process and they all take time to show their results. You have to be persistent with any of the techniques that you are trying. Remember to rinse your mouth really nicely after you brush with Apple cider vinegar.

Use lemon and orange peels

Ever since the ancient times, the lemon and orange peels have been known to do the whitening trick. It is one of the most effective ways of lightening the skin or the teeth color. These food products are very good and healthy and they are incorporated in the daily diet. A good mouth rinse is recommended after rubbing the lemon and orange peels. Hydrogen peroxide is a great bacterial agent and it keeps the breath fresh by removing bad breath.

These treatments work best because of their natural properties and moreover, they are also easy to perform by you at home. Since the above mentioned strategies are all homemade and natural, there is no risk of harmful or damaging impacts.

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